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Chef Andres Dangond, affectionately known as Dres, is an ambitious culinary professional who has won international praise for his imaginative approach to cuisine, deeply rooted in his Colombian heritage and diverse culinary adventures. Born and raised in Colombia, Dres's culinary journey began at the early age of 14, in his parents' restaurant. His passion for the culinary arts led him to 3-star Michelin kitchens in Chicago, honing his skills under the guidance of world-renowned chefs such as Grant Achatz at Alinea and Laurent Gras at L20.

In 2014, Dres stepped into the role of Executive Chef and Director of Culinary Development for Lynx Grills, a luxury outdoor cooking equipment company. At Lynx Grills, Dres wears multiple hats, infusing his culinary flair into product design and development. Working closely with the engineering department, he provides valuable feedback on product performance and guides the design process from a chef's perspective. His inventive mind led to the design of several accessories that quickly became best sellers for the company.


Dres's creativity isn't just confined to the kitchen. His knack for food styling and photography has been published in numerous magazines and featured in the book '1,000 Food Art and Styling Ideas', with one of his works gracing the cover.

Dres's dedication to his craft has seen him venture far and wide, from the wilds of Alaska to the vibrant streets of Barcelona. His Alaskan experiences deeply influenced his culinary vision, birthing his highly emotional project, 'Dinner with Dres' in 2019. This unique pop-up restaurant offered a seasonal culinary exploration described as "rustic and luxurious", earning him critical acclaim from Food & Wine, LA Weekly, OC Weekly, and Departures Magazines.

Prior to his digital ventures, Dres honed his skills in the world of food trucks. He began 'The Cut', an award-winning food truck that was later transformed into a successful brick-and-mortar establishment, a transition featured in the Los Angeles Times.

As a culinary consultant and private chef, Dres has catered to an impressive client list, including Netflix, Showtime, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Starz, Dita Von Teese, and Dreamscape, further showcasing his versatility and expertise.

Whether it's creating award-winning recipes for The Cut, or developing top-tier culinary equipment for Lynx Grills, Chef Andres Dangond brings passion, innovation, and a deep respect for his craft to every endeavor.


His journey is a testament to his belief in culinary freedom and his commitment to bridging the gap between culture, experience, and food.

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A culinary lounge offering premium bites, cocktails and music in a relaxed yet, elevated environment.




A boutique catering company whose sole focus is creating unforgettable dinner, and cocktail parties for you and your guests.



Opening a restaurant? Writing a cookbook? Testing new recipes? Let Chef Dangond help create award-winning recipes for you.


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