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Chef Recs



I've used all of these in my home kitchen, my restaurants, and at catering events. Making great food with these is so much easier. Click on each image to be taken directly to their page if you are interested in ordering them.

Disclosure: I have no partnership agreements with any of these brands. I own and use every product here.


It's no coincidence that all the pots and pans I recommend here are by 'Made In Cookware.' They can withstand the wear and tear of both home and commercial kitchen use. In addition, their Non-stick pans have heavy gauge construction and multiple layers of non-stick coating, which help them to heat evenly and maintain their non-stick properties over time. The Stainless Clad ones have 5 layers of 4 different metals that give incredible heat retention and dispersion.

These are the best pots and pans on the market.


Probably more amazing than the quality is the price. They are super reasonably priced for a pot or pan that will very likely last for the rest of your life –if you take proper care of them (learn how: Stainless Steel  |  Non-stick )


Here are a few different knives I've used and strongly recommend.

knife sharpeners

Why are they all different? Because they achieve different things. Can you just use one of them to sharpen your knife? Yes, but...

  • The Work Sharp E5 is great for reshaping, sharpening, and refining a blade. Meaning you can bring back to life those ultra-dull old knives you have lying around.

  • The HORL 2 is my go-to for easy, quick knife care. It has 2 sharpening angles for how robust or thin your blade is.

  • The Diamond Honing Steel is a must-have in every kitchen. This helps extend the sharpness and maintain the polished edge of any blade.


Coming soon.

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