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This is a friend's house, Dres' home. Great food, drinks, music and company at the Chef's residence. Enjoy an intimate evening with your closest friends during an omakase-style feast. Watch Chef cook and plate every single course in front of you.



The following will sound very serious. It is. We aim to offer you a fun and unique dining experience and will do our best to make you feel at home.


Be Respectful

This is the actual residence of the Chef, his home. Treat it as you'd treat your own home.

  • Be courteous and kind to everyone once you enter the building.


Arrive & Leave On Time

Service starts right on time, and unless offered to be extended by the Chef, it ends right on time.

  • A 15-minute grace period will be extended past the given start time.

  • Reservations and ticket purchases are final.

  • A $100 fee might be charged for each additional 15 minutes you and your guests stay past the given end time.


Be Responsible

We trust you to choose your guests wisely. Although this is a private space for you to have a great time, you will be responsible for your and your guests' actions.

  • You will monitor your alcohol consumption and hold the building, Casa de Dres, and the Chef harmless of any incidents that may arise due to alcohol impairment.

  • The building, Casa de Dres, and the Chef are not liable for any incidents caused by your own actions and decisions.

  • You need to inform your guests of these rules.

By making a reservation and purchasing tickets to Casa de Dres,

you and your guests agree to these terms and conditions above.

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