We build and run online restaurants. Meaning, the only way to enjoy our foods is by ordering through our websites or our delivery partners' apps. With a couple of exceptions, like our catering services where we can come to you, and our popular pop-up restaurant 'Dinner with Dres,'  where you can join us for dinner.

Nothing with us will ever be 'normal'. Chef's vision tends to avoid the classics, at least in their standard form. If we're going to do something, we will do it exceptionally well and elegantly unique. As experienced at The Cut (Chef's first and only brick and mortar restaurant), where the unconventional flavors of the dishes have garnered critical acclaim.

Starting January of 2020, we will deliver within a 5-mile radius from Downtown Los Angeles. But we are aiming for rapid expansion into the general LA area and, hopefully, the rest of California. And who knows, maybe the country. Or the world!


This is the culinary world envisioned by Dres.


Andres Dangond was born and raised in Colombia. He graduated high school at the early age of 14 and began cooking at his parents’ restaurant. He moved from one kitchen to the next, tasting, and learning along the way. Although his passion was in food, at age 18, he left for Barcelona to attend music school with his best friend. While working at a winery and exploring restaurants in Spain, he realized cooking was what he really wanted to pursue professionally. He moved back to Bogotá and worked at several highly acclaimed restaurants in Colombia’s capital.

In 2009, Dres moved to Chicago seeking opportunities to learn from some of his culinary heroes.  After a long stage at 3 Star Michelin L2O with Chef Laurent Gras, and at Alinea with Chef Grant Achatz, Dres moved to Los Angeles to work as a consultant. During this time, Colombian media outlets recognized him as U.S. ambassador to Colombian cuisine.

He continued traveling and taking on different opportunities, from cooking in the Alaskan wilds to creating the recipes for the award-winning burger food truck, The Cut in 2014. Chef has since become a partner and opened the brick and mortar version in Irvine, CA. His unique ingredient combinations have garnered critical acclaim for The Cut, which is now recognized for ‘best burger’ and 'best brunch' in Southern California.

In early 2019, Dres launched his creative and highly emotional project, Dinner with Dres. A pop-up restaurant without limits, a culinary exploration on freedom.


And now, 'By Dres.' 

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